TFabs Term of the Week – COUCHING

TFabs Term of the Week today is: COUCHING

COUCHING – A couch stitch is not at all difficult to sew, and its greatest advantage is that it is virtually invisible from the front.

Also known as a vertical hem stitch, couching is ideal for couture sewing and provides for a neat and tidy finish.

Couching consists of making small straight stitches with what’s known as the couched thread that tack down one underlying length of thread, known as the couching or working thread.

It is often used in couture garment making and is also used for decorative stitching, stems and outlining. For example, a sequinned garment may be couched where sequins are attached in a long thread by couching as opposed to sewn on individually.

We found this neat instruction and diagram for the technique on

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