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How-To Guides

Recently Added How-To Guides

What’s the Point? A Guide to Hand-sewing Needles
    Confused by which needle to choose for your latest hand-sewn project? Here are some sew-lutions to help you out. Needles for hand sewing, quilting and embroidery will vary in thickness, point .... Read More
Using a Dressmaking Pattern
    A How-To-Guide designed to help eager beginners and try and take some of the ‘scary’ out of sewing!   Choosing your patterns .... Read More
Essential Dressmaking Tools
    An old adage that is certainly true in the realm of dressmaking is that a bad workman or even woman blames his tools. Obviously for a beginner the technique will develop but getting the right to.... Read More
How To Choose The Correct Interfacing
  Interfacings are recommended on many main-stream patterns and can greatly improving the durability and finish of your article. They are used in specific areas to reduce stretch or reinforce certain posi.... Read More

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