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How-To Guides: How To Choose The Correct Interfacing
How To Choose The Correct Interfacing


Interfacings are recommended on many main-stream patterns and can greatly improving the durability and finish of your article. They are used in specific areas to reduce stretch or reinforce certain positions where the garment may easily stress, and to provide structure or stiffen to give invisible support.


There are two main types of interfacing that are commonly used. Woven interfacing is a cotton cloth, of varying weights, that may be sized to stiffen it. Non-woven interfacing is a bonded polyester fibre with a papery type finish, such as Vilene. Both of these are available to use as a fusible (iron on) product which can be very convenient.


Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to achieve the best results.


At Truro Fabrics we stock a wide range of the most commonly used interfacings along with more specialized coutile and tailors canvas.

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