REMNANT Spruce Green Tencel Twill Fabric - 90cm x 155cm

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Remnant size: 90cm x 155cm. Unfortunately swatches of remnants are not available

100% tencel twill fabric in dark spruce green.

This trouser-weight tencel twill fabric has a lovely, smooth draping quality and soft handle.

As one of the most eco-friendly fabrics available; Tencel is created from wood pulp from sustainably certified (FSC) Beech and Eucalyptus trees. As well having natural anti-bacterial properties (meaning less need for washing), tencel fibres are anti-static, meaning your garments won't annoyingly cling to your body whilst wearing. 

Tencel is known for being kinder to our environment, due to the innovative closed-loop production process; where solvents are re-used during the spinning process and water is also recycled. 

As well as all of the reasons listed above, we love tencel fabrics because:

  • It's breathable and gentle on skin
  • The fibres retain dye exceptionally well over time
  • Biodegradable and non-shedding
  • Anti-bacterial properties


Fibre content: 100% Tencel

Care instructions: Machine wash 30 degrees. Line dry. Avoid tumble drying

Weight: Medium

Opacity: Opaque

Weave: Twill

Pattern suggestions: Closet Core - Blance Flightsuit, Friday Pattern Co. - The Ilford Jacket, Megan Nielsen - Opal Pants

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