REMNANT Rose Pink Stretch Denim Fabric - 150cm x 150cm

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Remnant size: 150cm x 150cm. Unfortunately swatches of remnants are not available.

8oz yarn dyed denim fabric with a 10% stretch.

In soft rose pink, this coloured denim is the perfect weight for trousers, jackets, dungarees and pinafores. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane; the polyester helps combat the shrinkage and wrinkles you can get with pure cotton denims, and the small elastane content gives a slight stretch for retaining a comfortable fit wash after wash. 

We have test washed a piece of this denim by hand to see if the colour and handle change. The colour has held, barely changing in the first wash and the handle has softened slightly. When ordering a swatch from us, give it a wash yourself to see if the denim will change. Perfect for jeans and jackets that will last and last.

There's enough in this piece to squeeze out a cute pair of Tilly & The Buttons Jessa Shorts!

Width: 150cm

Fibre content: 65% Cotton, 33% Polyester, 2% Elastane

Weight: 270gsm/approx. 8oz

Opacity: Opaque

Denim Care:

Do’s: Always use cold or lukewarm water. Hand wash where possible. Wash alone, the indigo dye will run. Pre-wash in your bathtub with cool water. Use mild detergent. Shake out to avoid crease marks & line dry.

Don’ts: Never tumble-dry. Never bleach. Never use hot water.

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