Here you will find all our haberdashery & supplies for dressmaking and garment construction. All your sewing kit essentials as well as handy gadgets and expert tools.
  1. DMC Stranded Cotton
    DMC Stranded Cotton
    As low as £1.20
  2. Metal Trouser Zips
    Metal Trouser Zips
    As low as £1.65
  3. Concealed Zips
    Concealed Zips
    As low as £2.55
  4. Swimwear Bikini Cups
    Swimwear Bikini Cups
    As low as £8.45
  5. Brass Jeans Zips
    Brass Jeans Zips
    As low as £1.20
  6. Dress Zips
    Dress Zips
    As low as £1.75