Folkwear - Paper Sewing Pattern - 131 Tibetan Chupa

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Paper sewing pattern for an authentic Tibetan Chupa by Folkwear.

This wrapped jumper has a centuries-long history in Tibet. It is traditionally worn with added layers of aprons, woolen sashes, and a panel coat. Worn alone or with a blouse, the Chupa is a beautiful contemporary garment.

The Chupa features an asymmetrical wrap front, front and back shaping darts, wide neckband, and simple faced armholes, and unique side extensions that wrap around the back to tie in front. The resulting silhouette is slim, yet the extensions enable enough leg room to make walking easier than most wrap skirts. Both the Chupa and Chupa inspired wrap skirt can be made in the traditional ankle length or below the knee length.

Suggested fabrics: Medium-weight cottons and blends such as denim, corduroy, velveteen, and poplin; medium-weight linen; medium-weight wool such as flannel, gabardine, and tweeds; medium-weight silk such as noil or tussah.

Fabric Requirements: See images.

Sizes Included: XS - XL.

Folkwear provides sewing patterns that are based on authentic vintage and folk garments from around the world, with special focus on embellishment details, history, and honor of the garments and the cultures and times they originate from.

"We believe that sewing is made richer, and therefore more enjoyable, when you understand more about the garments you have been inspired to make - including their histories and cultures." - Folkwear

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